A Letter from Dr. Sam

New Leadership Delivering Results For Our Community

My youth was spent on a dairy farm near Dixon, MO on the Gasconade River where my family worked from daylight to dark in all aspects of farming from producing grade A quality milk and all of the forages and grains for the livestock. One of the lessons in life, taught by my father, “You can do anything you want between the evenings (after milking, clean up, and prep for the next day), until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow when we begin once again. Choose wisely”. I never passed up the opportunity for a quick nap.

My wife Marsha (Lipscomb) Alexander and I had similar childhoods. Her family had a dairy farm between Pleasant Hope and Springfield. Like all the other farms kids in our neighborhoods, we slept when we could, chopped wood for the furnace, and harvested a large garden for our own needs and to help others. Planting crops in early spring, keeping neighborly fences repaired, and harvesting hay and crops consumed the summer and fall – sometimes to be punctuated with a quick swim in the Gasconade River. Winters were spent in the dairy barn, caring for livestock, and going to school in Vienna. Helping neighbors and supporting families with their needs was a year-around project.

I graduated from Vienna High School never having missed a day of school except to interview for medical school. I was fortunate and blessed to be selected and enrolled for a newly established medical program at the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) Medical School. This intensive study curriculum allowed me to receive my BA/MD degree in six years and become a physician in two fewer years than the standard medical program. I graduated in June 1982 from UMKC Medical School, completed my residency, and have worked full-time as a physician without having ever missed a day of work.

As the senior partner in the medical group, I have practiced as an Emergency Room Physician for over thirty years with the Emergency Physicians of Springfield, which is affiliated with the Ferrell-Duncan Clinic. My medical group provides emergency medical coverage in the Cox Health Systems in Springfield. My medical career starts by working my scheduled shifts – going in early and staying late, make follow-up phone calls, and arranging for medical needs for local families – which goes beyond the standard care in practice for medicine. However, I’m not unique in this aspect, as all my medical professional co-workers strive to provide the highest, most compassionate level of care because we love what we do.

I am passionate about giving the best care possible to persons and families struggling with medical emergencies. I am the person working to save your life or intervene in your life crisis and help you to become physically and mentally better, and to support your spiritual well-being. I also work with your family members and friends who are in an extremely vulnerable state of being with concern, fear, and worry over your state of emergency. I regularly meet people under unfortunate circumstances but have made friends and memories to cherish for my lifetime.

I have been involved in medical career-outreach programs for over twenty-five years. I participate as a guest speaker at medical lectures and conferences and conduct training sessions for physicians, medical students and residents, and nursing professionals at all levels. Helping First Responders continue their education and gain hands-on experience has been a passion of mine. I am continually involved with other medical professionals helping paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, firemen, and law enforcement officers be better prepared to serve you – not only in Southwest Missouri but throughout the country and internationally. I have been a non-paid director of rural fire and rescue districts and departments in Southwest Missouri for over thirty years. As I’ve established myself over my career, I have assumed a leadership role with other medical professionals in the healthcare community as outlined in my synopsis.

I continue to be an active farmer and rancher. With family, we have land on the Gasconade River devoted to farming, a commercial cow-calf ranch with partners near Eureka, KS, and a high-quality horse hay production farm near Fair Play, MO. And, lots of good-neighbor fences to maintain.

My family connections throughout the United States allow me to be involved in various communities and cultures. I have been invited to many events as a guest or as a guest speaker which has allowed me to meet people with a greater variety of interests. People are very much the same, yet different, and it is enjoyable to meet and learn from them.

I am blessed with a family. Marsha and I have three daughters, four grandchildren, and have two great grandchildren coming soon. My family and I enjoy hunting, shooting sports, fishing, lake and river time, hiking, and a host of other outdoor activities. I am a pilot with aircraft to make my travel time more productive and have assisted friends with air travel needs.

I love to study the history of nations and their respective peoples. I am amazed by the history of the founding of our country, studying the recorded documents of the Founding Fathers leading to the United States Constitution, and the subsequent amendments throughout the years. This is the basis along with conservative values for my long-time interest and involvement in politics and the Republican Party. I have, for many years, supported people willing to serve in public office including fire districts, municipal aldermen, and county and state officials. I have actively studied the records of public servants to understand various philosophies of serving the people. I believe one public servant in particular, Ronald Reagan, is a shining example of leadership and is my role model and inspiration to enter public service.

And, most important, I am a Christian – “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”. I am human so I fail at times, but I have the ability to repent and to be forgiven through Jesus Christ. I plant seeds of hope for eternal life by teaching and living as Christ-like as possible. I asked God for guidance in my life as I help others. Overall, I am a simple man – I love God, my family, my friends, and what I do to help others.

I, and my family, have strong moral and spiritual values. I have a solid reputation and sincerely desire to do what is right in accordance with the law, moral and spiritual values, and by working with others to achieve what is best for our country. I am seeking the opportunity to serve you as your Representative in the Missouri 7th Congressional District.