Dr. Sam’s Prescription for America

I have the courage, conviction, and common sense to work in the United States Congress on national and international issues. I will seek advice and counsel from constituents on issues affecting all of us.


The Constitution provides guidance on the size and roll of the federal government and states’ rights. Laws and regulations by Congress, signed by Presidents, must replace the current system of governing through executive orders. Massive government expansion and overreach in taxation, spending, and regulation must end. Balancing the budget must be done to reduce debt – because debt is the number one domestic threat to our future.
I support Term limits on elected officeholders which will allow others with courage, conviction, and common sense to serve. Newly elected people – not ingrained in bureaucracy – will bring ideas and energy to office. The Judicial branch has one responsibility: to interpret and enforce all laws according to the Constitution – not to legislate and create laws.


I believe in, and support, your right to get personalized care from doctors you trust.​
Basic primary care should be a part of Medicaid and Medicare to help manage medical issues.
The education and training pathways into medical careers by highly qualified medical instructors at Ozarks Technical College, Southwest Baptist University, College of the Ozarks, Drury, Evangel, Missouri State, Missouri Southern, and other schools and private entities must continue to be supported by their community and State funding sources. Free market providers of insurance coverage must be encouraged – not forced out of business.


The economy is one of the highest priorities in our lives because a healthy economy allows us to provide for our families and ourselves. Capitalism and a strong Free Enterprise System produce prosperity and lift people from poverty. We must resist socialistic interventions in our capitalist system. The Federal government has the responsibility to prevent monopolies – not to create unfair and unequal advantages for businesses through over taxation, over regulation, or to be in competition with capitalism and free enterprise. Taxing and overspending (debt) impede economic development and growth.
China steals our technology, copyrighted goods and services, and uses their citizens (and other nation’s citizens) as forced labor – making major profit at others expense. This practice destroys industries and kills fair wage jobs in American and other countries. Promoting a healthy, domestic manufacturing base will not only provide jobs for Americans but will prevent China (and other similar countries) from benefiting through unsavory business practices.


My career path is a direct result of the best educational system in the world Every child in America can, and should, get a quality education. A child’s academic success is determined by the curriculum of the school, the quality of the educational staff, and by having a supportive home environment. Educators with a record of teaching children how to think, not what to think, should be rewarded. When schools fail to provide the highest quality education, parents and students should have the right to a ‘school choice’.
More support and funding is needed for high school focused, two-year technical programs that work in conjunction with community technical colleges to provide educational degrees and training for students so they can be prepared to go directly into a profession at the end of high school.
CRT is a divisive philosophy that is being pushed in our school systems that puts guilt on young children who should have no guilt.


Law and Order allowed the United States to become a great country. Defending yourself, your family, and your home is your Constitutional right. The 2nd Amendment is the cornerstone of our Republic and clearly defines your right to bear arms.


“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.” – Ronald Reagan
We are a nation of immigrants. We are a nation with borders. Immigration laws and regulations are being ignored and violated by the Biden Administration. An orderly process of immigration is established by law and allows immigrants to apply for, be reviewed, and become legal residents of the United States. Many of these legal residents study our Constitution and apply to become a citizen of the United States. This must remain the only way to become a resident and/or citizen.

If a wall is needed to control open borders, build it. Anyone here illegally must be returned to their country to begin the process of becoming a legal resident and/or citizen of the United States. If a person cannot respect our legal immigration laws – how can they ever be expected to respect, honor, and obey the rest of our laws?


America witnessed how the Trump Administration encouraged and enabled job growth. Reducing taxes and regulations on domestic businesses and industries benefits Americans by providing family supporting jobs. The more jobs created means increased spending and economic growth which adds additional tax revenues. Added tax revenues support local and State government, First Responders, and our education system.


Economic growth is more likely to occur if working class Americans get tax cuts. Tax cuts boost demand by increasing disposable income and by encouraging businesses to hire and invest more in their employees, business model, and clients. A study on implementing and maintaining an adequate national sales tax (a.k.a. a flat tax) needs to be carried out as soon as possible as a means of equalizing taxes. Repealing or greatly reducing estate and death taxes would encourage people to work, save, and support future family generations. Reduced tax rates could boost savings and encourage people to invest in their retirement through IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k) and Simple 401(k) Plans, ESOPs, etc. Additional financial investments would allow for retired persons to continue to invest in and grow the economy.


Our country is being threatened by domestic and international groups. Electricity production and distribution grids must be protected against not only physical, but cyber-attack disruptions. Every facet of our economy must be protected. Recent disruptions in pipelines, beef processing plants, and others point to vulnerability in many of our production and distribution areas. Medical services, education, and communications will need to adapt to be protected from these new threats. I will be a voice of reason, provide guidance, and work diligently to be sure resources are available when needed.


Lawlessness is a great concern in many areas of our country. Most counties of Missouri, and their municipal governments, support and fund law enforcement. Officers are not prohibited from enforcing the laws which they have sworn to uphold. As a physician, I work with First Responders which includes law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and 911 dispatchers to provide emergency medical training and education. These public safety personnel are the first line of defense and often provide lifesaving support to victims before hospital emergency physicians and support staff. We must NEVER defund the police.
Citizen involvement is our part of public safety. It is vital to teach children about their safety and well-being, to encourage them to learn personal defense and firearm safety, to participate in neighborhood watch programs, to volunteer to check on elderly neighbors and friends, and to be a partner to law enforcement through effective communication and participation.


Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our Republic as established in the 15th amendment. Every American deserves to feel that their vote is counted, and votes are legal and accurately. Rational laws have been in place for many years, guided by state legislatures. It must be easy to vote and hard to cheat.